This date in “MLBallhawk” history – 5/9/1987 – White Sox vs Orioles

It was 26 years ago today that I snagged game home runs hit by the Orioles Hall of Famer Eddie Murray from both sides of the plate in the same game!

Unfortunately we didn’t have the internet or blogs back then so I don’t have a long detailed blog post. The short version is this:

They used to close off the upper deck in Old Comiskey Park. We would sit in the Left Field upper deck at the edge of the last section they let you sit in. When a HR was hit we would run around and grab it. On this night Eddie Murray blasted a shot into the LF upper deck in the 4th inning. I got up and ran after it and got to the ball and picked it up.

Shortly after grabbing this HR some friends from school who were sitting in the RF corner came around to check out to see if it was actually me that got the ball. They talked me into going over to sit by them in about the same spot in the RF upper deck. We got over there just as the top of the 6th inning started and with 2 outs Eddie Murray stepped in again.

Honestly I had no clue who was up because we were to busy talking, in fact it was later that I even figured out that Murray hit both HRs I got that night. Anyway, Murray hit his 2nd home run into the RF upper deck. I ran around and grabbed it and as I went back to my seat the usher in the area grabbed me and said I had to give him the ball. “WHY?” I asked and he said that I no one was allowed to get the balls out there. YEAH RIGHT. He grabbed my arm and was not going to let me go so I tossed the ball to a friend. Just as he released my arm I went up the stairs and told my friend to throw the ball back to me. Once I had the ball I ran down the ramp and me and a couple of friends hid out in the RF Bleachers.

As we were going down the ramp to the lower deck two security guards passed us and they were headed into the upper deck. I didn’t find out until a couple weeks later that they were going to try to get the ball back because with these 2 home runs Murray became the first player in Major League history to hit home runs from both sides of the plate in back to back games!

Wish I would have know that before, like a typical teenager needing money, I sold the baseballs (to 2 different people) for a lot less than they were worth then and definitely worth now!

Oh well …. it was still one of the coolest nights I had with friends and as a Ballhawk!

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