U.S. Cellular Field – Angels vs White Sox – 5/12/13 – 1 Ball

So like every other Ballhawk in the world I went out in search of one of those pink Mothers Day baseballs. Unfortunately I was about the only Ballhawk that did not go home with one, or at least that’s how it seemed. After reading everyone elses tweets and blog posts I really think I was in the minority of those that did not come up with one.

With that said I still had a great time at the game despite the fact that it was 45 degrees! Here is the recap of the entire day:

The day started off with a great lunch with my Mom, my brother and his family. My mother has stage 4 breast cancer and so getting one of the pink MLB baseballs on Sunday would have been extra special. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, Regardless as you will see it was still a fun night for me. Here is a picture of (from L to R) my brother, my mom and me.


After our lunch I decided at the last minute to go to the game on Sunday night. I got to “The Cell” just before the gates opened and when I got inside the White Sox were already done with batting practice and the Angels were on the field. I have seen the Angels hit at home in Anaheim and was looking forward to seeing their entire BP session on the road. Unfortunately it did not live up to the hype! I headed over to the left field bleachers for the first part of BP. There were only about half a dozen balls hit into the stands and about twice as many regular Ballhawks in the stands. Some of the Ballhawks that were at “The Cell” on Sunday were, Dave Davison (@Super_Dave ) of Ballhawk.net, The Happy Youngster (@Happy), Shawn ( @BallhawkShawn ) and Mateo Fischer (@observebaseball). I have known Dave for quite a while and never saw Happy while I was there so I still haven’t officially met him.

I must admit though when I get to a park and there are new Ballhawks around I usually wait until after BP to play the meet and greet game. Why? Well it kind of played out with Shawn when I went around to RF to play the last group of Angels BP. I had been in the RF seats behind the visitors bullpen for a few minutes when I saw @BallhawkShawn walking towards me. We said HI to each other and shook hands and talked as BP went on. There were no baseballs hit near us until the last 30 seconds of BP.

On of the Angels lefties launched a high fly ball right at us. I was camped out right where it was coming down and just in front of Shawn. Unlike most people that “Ballhawk”, I don’t stand there with my glove in the air waiting for the ball. I make sure I have position on others around me and then at the last minute I make my move and attempt to catch the ball. As the ball got closer I reached up just in front of Shawn and made the grab. The classic part of this (sorry Shawn) was afterwards Shawn saying to me “I had no idea what you were doing”. That is exactly why I wait until the last minute to put the glove up. They think it’s all theirs and then it ends up in my glove. The other factor there, and I don’t know if it factored in with Shawn or not, but with most “Ballhawks” knowing my history and number of balls caught it becomes intimidating for them. They tend to try harder and make mistakes, although Shawn did just about all he could. Anyway, it was cool to meet Shawn and snag my only ball right in front of him😛

After BP we walked around by the dugouts and as I started to look for old friends around the park I noticed that my all time favorite White Sox player (and family friend) Ron Kittle was being interview in center field. I walked all the way out to center field and got there just before they finished up the interview. Here are a couple of photos.

DSCF6159 DSCF6160 DSCF6161

As I got out to where Ron was being interviewed on the Diamondvision (thats what it was called back in the day). They were talking about his 7 roof top home runs at Old ComiskeyPark at this point. For those of you that don’t know, on April 17th, 1990 I grabbed Kittle’s final roof shot in Armour Square park beyond the LF wall of the old ballpark. After the interview as Ron was walking back around to go downstairs for the first pitch ceremony I got to talk to him.

I said to Ron, “Geeze Ron, you could have told them about the awesome guy that grabbed that last Rooftop HR.” He laughed and said “I know that was you, wasn’t it!” We continued to talk all the way to the elevator. He asked if it was me or my brother that had sent him a message earlier in the day and we talked about the Good Old Days at the old ballpark. Ron truly is a class act, he has always been a good friend to our family both before and after the passing of my father. All I can say is THANK YOU RON because you truly are a great guy and you made my night on Sunday.

After I talked to Ron I headed back behind home plate where I ran into a guy that has been working as Sox security for at least 25+ years. He told me he had some seats so I ended up sitting behind home plate all night and this was my view.


Unfortunately there were no foul balls that came up my way during the game but I did take a few pictures that I thought were pretty good. These are a few of the photos that I took. Make a comment and let me know which one you like!

DSCF6163 DSCF6165 DSCF6166 DSCF6170 DSCF6171 DSCF6173

The last photo shows the zeros across the Angels line. At this point Sale had a perfect game going but it would soon be put to rest by the Angels Mike Trout as he singled to center in the top of the 7th with one out. So I didn’t end up with a pink Mothers Day baseball and I didn’t get anything other than the one baseball in BP but I got to meet some fellow Ballhawks, some old friends and a almost got to see history! It was a great day all around! Damn I am easy to please!

2 thoughts on “U.S. Cellular Field – Angels vs White Sox – 5/12/13 – 1 Ball

  1. Oh wow. I saw Kittle’s segment on the big board, but I had no clue that you talked to him afterwards. That’s awesome that you did, and that he was so great about it. I saw that catch that you made in right, but the most fun part about watching it for me was seeing both you and Shawn position yourselves before the ball eventually touched down in your glove.

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